“We imagine a world where people can enjoy eating with their loved ones regardless of the condition they suffers from and that’s why we created ACT.”

Who are we?

Hello! My name is Alexandra Matei. I’m from Romania and I’m a product designer passionate about creating solutions for people in need.


Arthritis is a disease that affects the joints and causes swellings, pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion. In this medical context it’s hard for these people to use ordinary cutlery. 


There are many other people like Doina. 

7 % of the global population has permanent mobility problems caused by arthritis, multiple sclerosis or other diseases. We can also add to this number people with temporary mobility problems. 

If you consider that we are spending almost 3 and a half years during our life, eating…Why not do this in a pleasant way? 


To respond to these needs and to help all these people, I came up with ACT. 

ACT or arthritis curved tableware is a set of flexible cutlery dedicated for people suffering from arthritis or other diseases that affect hand mobility. The variable geometry of the handle allows the user to shape the handle however they need – especially when the disease evolves. The thick and soft handle doesn’t require a tight grip which can cause additional pain. The range includes 5 cutlery: spoon, fork, spork, knife and teaspoon.

With ACT the lives of people with mobility problems can be easier. ACT helps them by regaining independence and bringing back the joy of eating and sharing meals.